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My accreditations include 12 years digital marketing experience, generated over $65 Million in Sales revenue the last 3 years alone. 5x Forbes and Smart Company Australia featured. 

Authored two books on Amazon & worked on more than 650 brands internationally. 

I offer digital marketing & advertising consulting to help you drive bottomline results and fast! 


About Me

Marketing Consultant Dubai

Marketing consultant Dubai Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. Marketing consultant Dubai Marketing is an often misunderstood term, but it simply boils down to making sure that potential customers know about your company and what you can do for them. Sam Founda Marketing consultants are experts at creating ads that grab attention, writing brochures to help educate potential clients on your products or services, and designing logos that convey the right message about who you are as a company.

Strategy & Marketing Consulting

Corporate Strategy

  • Emerging market & growth strategy

  • Business planning

  • Corporate health analysis

  • Business model reengeenering

Customer & Marketing Strategy

  • Market entry

  • Customer experience & insights

  • Channel management

  • Sales force effectiveness

  • Mystery shopping

Research & Analytics

  • Market research

  • Customer experience & insights

  • Data analytics

  • Market intelligence

  • Industry & sector research

Marketing & Brand Consulting

  • Marketing & communication plans

  • ATL & BTL advertising

  • Media Analysis

  • Brand development

  • Brand health analysis

Human Capital Advisory

  • Performance evaluation

  • Organization design

  • Organization governance

  • Job & role design

  • Staffing & organizational transitions

  • Total Reward

  • Employee engagement survey & analysis

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