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Best Things to Do in London & Hotel Stays

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Image by Alex Preview

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world with a rich history and impressive culture, it is no surprise that London is on top of so many people’s travel plans. Although it is actually England’s smallest city, there is a lot packed into the vibrant and distinct districts. There is always something to see and do in London, people come to glimpse the royals stop by galleries, take in the trendy atmosphere. When you need a break from all the action relax and sample some teas or wind down by taking a walk and do London your own way

Buckingham Palace

Being the Queen's main residence, it is not open year-round, yet if it was it would be the most visited tourist attraction in Britain. The doors are only open to the public in the summertime, when the Queen heads off to Scotland. A guided tour will take you through 19 State Rooms with walls adorned with Old Masters. The Grand hall, Grand staircase and Guard Room gilded in marble and gold leaf with looming chandeliers to finish off the interiors.


The capital’s landmark has plenty to offer visitors, whether the day is spent taking memorable photos or trying to get the Buckingham Palace guards to crack a smile, there are reasons why millions flock to Westminster. Nothing is more iconic than the political hub of London, being home to the Houses of Parliament and the world-famous Big Ben. The iconic clock tower makes for a very picturesque moment and still chimes every hour.

Hyde Park

One of the most well-known parks in the world and one of the largest parks in London, Hyde park holds a lot of historical significance. Having hosted a number of demonstrations and protests, the park’s famous Speakers corner is still occupied by debates, protests and performances every week.

Hyde park is a fantastic opportunity to get out and experience some rewarding walks, after a day you’ll have definitely achieved your 10,000 steps. When you are exhausted from walking however, a nice ride down The Serpentine 40acre recreational lake on a paddle boat should do the trick. Seeing plenty of swans and taking in a breath of fresh air can make for a very romantic memory.


One of the most well-known department stores, known for its luxury, opulence and serving the elite since 1824. Patrons including the Royal Family, the luxury is spread over a number of floors in the iconic corner building. The outside may not wow you and the customers may seem ordinary but that all changes once you are greeted by the friendly doormen and enter into a new world. Stepping into the gold draped, gilded world, Harrods isn’t just another department store it is an overwhelming experience far from what anyone is used to. It is a host to unique services spread across seven stories with delightfully old-fashioned elevators, it Is easy to spend a whole day in Harrods even if you are not purchasing anything.

The Shard

The more modern side of London can be experienced from things such as The Shard building. Home to the Shangrila and offices, it is 300 metres tall and offers a 360 -degree view of London. Tourists are able to go inside the building and look over London from the viewing platforms on levels 68 and 69. There is also a Skydeck on level 72, open air platform with even more of a breathtaking experience. On the 52nd floor of the hotel part of the building, Shangrila runs a bar called Gong. It is the perfect for sunset cocktails and late-night drinks. Featuring an infinity skypool with views of St Paul's Cathedral, the London Eye and Westminster, that’s one way to skip queues and enjoy the scenery.


The fabulous Mayfair restaurant serves more than Michelin-starred food with its breathtaking interiors. Every inch of the place begs to be Instagrammed as it is actually a hub of four separate restaurants, each with their own personality and accompanying menu. The most popular and well-known room would have to be The Gallery, with pink sofas as far as the eye can see and mosaic rainbow tiled flooring. However, pink sofas and chairs wearing ballet shoes isn’t the most intriguing thing, just head to the bathrooms to see for yourself. Something that has most likely popped up on your Instagram feeds; egg shaped, futuristic pods that are actually fully-functionable toilets. Who would think a Michelin-starred restaurant would be known for its loos?


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